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  • AFB’s team shares decade long relationship with all our Banking, NBFC and Investment partners. We understand the appetite and investment philosophies of all our partners, which puts us above all the other intermediaries in the region.
  • AFB evaluates all our client portfolios thoroughly before pitching to our investment partners. It’s a fact that Venture Capitalists and Private Equity investors turns down 95 percent of the companies who approach them for investments because of these portfolios not fitting into their investment philosophies. That’s where we control and steer which profile goes to which investor.
  • AFB follows strict and transparent policies with our client and investor throughout the lending or investment transaction. 
  • AFB maintains a data-room, both virtual and physical throughout the transaction period and the documentations maintained are strictly confidentially and are bound by legal validations.
  • AFBs conversion rate is 90 percentage, which means we were successful in offering 90 percent of our clients with investments solutions as they desired. AFB still supports the rest 10 percent clients with guidance.
  • AFB is Performance and Success driven and not Price driven, the same reason why we charge our clients only “Success Fees” and strictly no other Processing fees.

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