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AFB, a leading provider of financial services in Dubai, has nurtured strong relationships with our Banking, NBFC, and Investment partners spanning a decade. Our extensive experience has allowed us to gain deep insights into the investment philosophies and appetites of these partners, setting us apart from other intermediaries in the region. We are proud to be one of the leading financial companies in Dubai, dedicated to our clients’ financial success.

Before presenting client portfolios to our investment partners in Dubai, AFB conducts rigorous evaluations to ensure compatibility with their investment strategies. Remarkably, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity investors in Dubai often decline 95 percent of companies seeking investments due to portfolio mismatches. This is where AFB excels, carefully directing each profile to the most suitable investor.

As one of the top financial services in Dubai, our commitment to transparency and adherence to strict policies are fundamental to our approach. We maintain confidential virtual and physical data rooms throughout the transaction, all of which are legally validated, ensuring utmost security and discretion. 

Notably, AFB boasts an impressive 90 percent conversion rate, successfully providing tailored investment solutions to our clients in Dubai. For the remaining 10 percent, we continue to offer guidance and support.

At AFB, our focus is on performance and success, not on pricing. We exclusively charge our clients “Success Fees,” avoiding any additional processing fees. As a trusted financial consultant in Dubai, AFB remains dedicated to delivering outstanding financial services to individuals and businesses in the region.


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