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AFB shares impeccable relationship with all the major Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions in the region. We also share strong relationship with our three different Investment partners.

Our Investment partners collectively have invested over USD 10 Billion in 150 plus companies across five continents.

Our Investors follow the below broad Investment Criteria.

IDEAL MANAGEMENT TEAM : Our Investors prefer to partner with the best management teams in the market. They look for proven operators who are hungry to drive the next-phase of growth for the business.

COMPREHENSIVE GROWTH SCALE OPPORTUNITY : Our Investors prefer to invest in companies with clear, identifiable growth opportunities, whether they are participating in a growing market or have an opportunity to capture market share through organic growth.

ENGAGING INDUSTRY DYNAMICS & MARKET POSITIONING : Our Investors prefer to invest in companies that operate in industries with meaningful entry barriers and where the client command a strong market position relative to competitors.

DEFINITE, CONSISTENT CASH GENERATION : Our Investors typically look for companies that are able to demonstrate a solid record of stable, predictable and growing cash generation.

GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR VALUE ADDITION : Our Investors don’t just provide capital. They help their portfolio companies create value and identify targets where they feel they can leverage their network and experience to unlock value where it otherwise it could not be accessed.

SUITABLE INVESTMENT SIZE : Our Investors typically consider opportunities with equity investment < USD 100 Mio, although their funding relationships allow them to invest more if the deal is sufficiently compelling to their team.